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So yes, requirements matter for many, many reasons…but when it comes to reviews, consider separating how you document your requirements and how you communicate your requirements for the sake of getting meaningful, targeted feedback that will make your software projects more successful.

Measuring Integrated Progress on Agile Software Development Projects Tamara Sulaiman, PMP, CST, Solutions IQ, Hubert Smits, CST, Rally Software, Summary Earned Value Management (EVM) is a well known project management technique which measures the integration of technical performance, cost and schedule against planned performance within a given project.

Here are just a few ideas for communicating scope across your organization: None of this above should be read to say that requirements don’t matter or that the deliverables are unnecessary.

I’ve analyzed many a problem by writing a use case that no one ever saw except the developer–the content of the use case was fully validated while the “use case” itself was not.

Agile software development methods have been shown to be effective: software is developed faster, with higher quality, and better meeting changing business priorities and changing market conditions.

The prevailing wisdom was that EVM techniques were too difficult to implement effectively on an Agile project, and that EVM could not easily cope with changing requirements.

The result is a simple set of metrics providing early warnings of performance issues, allowing for timely and appropriate adjustments.

Before exploring some alternative approaches, let’s take a step back and think about what problem we’re trying to solve with requirements reviews. Factor these into your approach to requirements reviews. Many of your most important stakeholders won’t give a lick about your beloved requirements and it’s self-centered of us to think they can and should.In many industrialized government sectors the acceptance rate is much higher.Many project managers in the private sector have hesitated to use EVM because they perceive the practices hard to implement.Because the Agile EVM metrics are expressed the same way that traditional EVM metrics are expressed, a roll-up across hybrid programs (mix of traditional and Agile teams) is also possible.

Why Use Earned Value Management Techniques for Software Development?Earned Value Management has been a recognized project management technique since the 1960s.